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Commercial Testimonials

We are so used to having to be the ones to respond to emergencies you never think it is going to happen to you.  Thank you for the fast response to the sewage loss that we had in our headquarters.

SERVPRO helped us to not have to turn away 3 scheduled events – 1 70-year-old birthday party, 2 -retirement parties one for the police department and one for the fire department.  If they were not Jonny on the spot we would have never been able to service our clients.  

After a broke window, a broken sprinkler head and gallons of water running down the stairs all I wanted to see was the floor again.  Your company made that happen within 4 hours of the loss.  This was huge because wee need to be open for business the next day.  We thank you for making this happen.  Keep up the quality work.


Thank you to you and your team for get our Main Office up and running the same night as the loss.  The equipment was a bite of a bother from the noise but it was so awesome to not have to have 35 people off due to standing water.  Keeping us open was the only choice and you all made it happen.  Thank you.

Hi James,

Your group has been amazing.  Really like the attached ERP program, I think it would benefit the bank.  I’ll forward to see if we have any interest.



Ethics class A+

Estimate / scope for my own personal home issue A+, not the answer I was hoping for but it was true, to the point and will solve the problem.  Good people to work with.