What our Customers say...


The summer might have come in like a lamb but it went out like a lion.  We are so glad to have the professionals just a phone call away.  SERVPRO, thank you for the service, relationship and the complete job.

Having a company that does everything from the floor to the ceiling is awesome to have at your side.  We had them clean the space and they took on the job like it was a major loss and completed it so fast it gave us time to have an extra day to get ready for the kids.  Thank you for setting the expectations and making them a reality. 

When storms happen it is great to have a company behind the storm that calms everything down and returns it to like the perfect summer day in Chicago.  That you for the great work performed at our home.

We are so used to having to be the ones to respond to emergencies you never think it is going to happen to you.  Thank you for the fast response to the sewage loss that we had in our headquarters.

If it was not for the people at SERVPRO we would have never been able to return to our home and continue life as before the fire.  Thank you.

SERVPRO was brought in to clean the duct system after a fire in the system.  They were able to get the smell out so we can now get back to work.  Great to have a company out there that can do this type of work.

SERVPRO helped us to not have to turn away 3 scheduled events – 1 70-year-old birthday party, 2 -retirement parties one for the police department and one for the fire department.  If they were not Jonny on the spot we would have never been able to service our clients.  

Have a rehab commercial property we are working on and found that the space had a fire prior.  We called SERVPRO to come take a look and in 3 days it was gone, the smell.  They use equipment, dry-ice and sealer and the structure was ready for us to continue our work.  Thank you for the help as I thought I was going to have a huge issue on my hands with the nasty smoke smell we uncovered.  Thank you.

Having to close down our family restaurant was such a sad day.  The fire was just to much for the building that we had to have it fully redone.  I was thankful that we had a company that understood the process and the insurance language so that we could rebuild and have a new, fresh restaurant to serve our clients.  Than you for being there for us in our time of need and the place looks great.  

Over night tarp of the roof and next day cleaning of the building so we could be open for 1 graduation party (high school), 1 retirement party (police chief) and 1 birthday party (70th)!  Our restaurant and our clients were so happy!  Thank you.

After a broke window, a broken sprinkler head and gallons of water running down the stairs all I wanted to see was the floor again.  Your company made that happen within 4 hours of the loss.  This was huge because wee need to be open for business the next day.  We thank you for making this happen.  Keep up the quality work.


Thank you to you and your team for get our Main Office up and running the same night as the loss.  The equipment was a bite of a bother from the noise but it was so awesome to not have to have 35 people off due to standing water.  Keeping us open was the only choice and you all made it happen.  Thank you.

Hi James,

Your group has been amazing.  Really like the attached ERP program, I think it would benefit the bank.  I’ll forward to see if we have any interest.



I can't speak highly enough of the team over at SERVPRO. We had some water come in during a storm and they responded immediately with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate the problem. Their fast action saved me a boatload of repairs, and everything was resolved quickly. The team came back to clean carpets and left everything better than when I originally purchased the house. Truly a first class organization, full of caring and passionate people.

What an amazing experience, the SERVPRO team literally saved my house closing! Two days before my close I walked in to 3 inches of water in my finished basement and wine room that had been sitting for a few days due to a failed pump. Within 2 hours the SERVPRO team was onsite and the remediation process had begun. Within 12 hours Dillon and Dominick had pulled the carpets and opened the walls and worked with my State Farm adjuster to get my fixes expedited. The house was completely dried and the reconstruction had begun in 4 days (yes, they have reconstruction EXPERTS) which allowed me to close on my property just 3 days before my new purchase date! I am forever indebted to this team at SERVPRO of North Riverside, and so are the buyers of my house who have a beautiful new basement thanks to their amazing reconstruction group. If anything unfortunate happens to you they must be your first call!!!

Ethics class A+

Estimate / scope for my own personal home issue A+, not the answer I was hoping for but it was true, to the point and will solve the problem.  Good people to work with.

If Jim can keep my attention for 3 hours for an ethics class and I come away more educated then before the class I can only believe they WOW all of there clients.  Look forward to more of the classes so I can pass along the knowledge to the company and client.  Thank you.

What an awesome class on Mold Mitigation!  I can't wait to pass along the wonderful information to my team and my clients! Top 2 class I have ever been at.

SERVPRO did a great job. I would highly recommend.

Not only do they do a wonderful job on mitigation jobs, they also provide great education for CE for the insurance agents!  Thank you for helping my clients and helping me to further my education.

Highly recommend SERVPRO of Elmhurst. Great company with great employees.

Thank you for getting Ron out so quickly.  Pat is very happy.

Our Realtor had used SERVPRO and had a very nice experience, she recommended SERVPRO of Elmhurst.

This was our first home and we were lucky to have found SERVPRO. Ron and Sandy were professional, answered all of our questions and handled the mitigation quickly.  We are very happy with the service.

SERVPRO was great! Thank you!

I called Ron with SERVPRO to come out for an estimate after a flood. He was out the next day, after we agreed on the price and the scope of the project, he had his team at our house within the hour. They cleaned out the finished basement, chemically treated for mold and set up dehumidifiers and fans. Ron and his team worked efficiently, and thoroughly cleaned out the basement. He went above and beyond leaving the equipment in the house an extra three days to make sure the basement was dried out. I was completely satisfied with the work and would use him again without hesitation.

"Ron and his crew were outstanding from start to finish. We had plenty of water damage and Ron knew exactly what to do and how to mitigate. His crew was courteous, hard-working and efficient. SERVPRO of Elmhurst made our situation much more tolerable. Thank you!"

The overall experience was excellent, everything was perfect!

They were amazing!

My experience with SERVPRO of Elmhurst was good and I will use them if I ever need these services again.

Thanks for your help!

You were organized, responsible and communicative. Truly impressed!

Our basement looks so beautiful!  Thank you!!

We purchased our home from the bank with a water damaged basement. The SERVPRO team came and assessed the damage and did thorough mold mitigation to help ease our mind before we commenced renovations. Three years later we have never had a problem. Our basement is clean, dry and completely livable. Ron and his team are thorough, efficient and only use safe, environmentally friendly products.

Ron and his team at SERVPRO of Elmhurst were excellent in handling the water backup problem we had in our basement. I was very happy and grateful that they were prompt because I was concerned with mold growing!  They were very courteous and professional and got the job done.  I would definitely use them again with any water issues at our home. Thank you!

We had such a positive experience with SERVPRO.  Unfortunately our finished basement flooded with a  good few inches of water and we had to tear everything out - drywall, carpet, furniture, boxes, toys etc.  It was a disaster. 

Fortunately, we called the right people to help make the whole cleanup and insurance process as painless as it could have been.  They were quick to respond, come and take care of removing and cleaning everything down there, including mold prevention strategies.  They got to us quickly enough that there wasn't any mold growing yet. 

Everyone was so kind, efficient, and professional, from my first call, to the actual men coming in to do the work, to calls to deal with insurance reimbursement, and just following up to make sure we were happy with how things were going. 

I can't think of anything they could have done that would have made this very stressful event a better experience for us.  Hopefully we don't ever need these kinds of services again, but if we do, I'd call them.